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Urgent appeal – Idlib: The Idlib archaeological museum is in danger (02.04.2015)

Photos: 01.04.2015

The rooms of the museum of Idlib have been completely cleared and the archaeological collections have been placed in crates and deposited in the basement.

Yesterday, 02.04.2015, the wall on the east side of the museum was damaged following a bombing by an aircraft that dropped a barrel of TNT in the museum area. Consequently the museum’s archaeological collections are likely to be looted. They are also threatened by new bombings.

Therefore, we call:

– The relevant international institutions to ensure their role so that the Syrian regime stop bombing of the area where the museum of Idlib is located.

– The members of the Jaish al-Feth to protect these collections and to place the museums as well as its collections under the authority of a civilian committee that would have the responsibility of making an inventory of the collections (the APSA members in Idlib are ready to intervene and participate with all parties who wish to support and participate in this operation).

The Association for the Protection of Syrian Archaeology (or APSA)
Mail: apsa2011syria@gmail.com

Vidéo 1 :Idlib – report on the state of the Idlib Museum – Rapprt musée d’Idlib le 31.03.2015

– ادلب : تقرير عن متحف ادلب 31 03 2015

vidéo 2 : Bombing with TNT barrels in the archaeological Museum area 27.03.2015 ادلب: قصف منطقة المتحف الاثري بالبراميل
Bombardement aux barils de TNT dans la zone du musée archéologique 27.03.2015

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