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Aleppo – Bab El-Neyreb: Destruction of the mosque el-Touba by Russian air strikes (Mamluk era) 26/09/2016

The destruction southeast porticoes of the mosque at-Tawba For the bibliography of mosque at-Tauba, see: Gaubet Heinz., 1984, Aleppo, pp. 87, 96, 114, 407 and Fig. 18 (611) حول هذا الجامع تحدث لموقع eAleppo السيد “مسعود حسن” وهو من حي “الشيخ طه” ومن زوار الجامع وذلك بتاريخ 20/1/2012 قائلاً: «تعد مدينة ...

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Aleppo – Al-Bayada: old houses are destroyed after the bombing with a TNT barrel by the Syrian army 25/08/2015

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