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Deir ez-Zor – Abu Kemal: Report on the site of Tell al-Hariri – Mari

1. The footage essentially shows the remains of palaces, yet all of the rest is uncertain and speculative. a. The palace of City II (Ville II), under the roofing, has sustained damage due to rains, and is threatened by erosion, whose effects can be felt even in the covered parts of the structure b – This is also the case for the Great Royal Palace: clandestine digging has taken place in the Throne Room, especially under a slab which supported the king’s throne, in Room 64, the podium (restored in 2010) was vandalized a hole was dug. 2. The Mari dig house was looted and vandalized, especially the museum and the two pottery storage facilities; damage is considerable, the little remaining material is in disarray, on the last surviving shelves or thrown on the floor. The excavation house has itself undergone substantial damage. 3. Finally, several deep illegal digging pits were made in the North-Eastern half of the palace. These illicit excavations are limited in size but have caused deep and real damage. 4. The site of Mari was under the surveillance of the “FSA” Members, directed by Mr. Joumaa al-Bedoui from 8 months ago. He assumes the responsibility of the surveillance for free as volunteer. Rapport : Abou Adam – The Association for the protection of Syrian Archaeology.





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