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Idlib: Archaeological Sites

Idlib – The Limestone Massif: illicit diggings at Kafr Lusein

The remains at the Byzantine site of Kafr Lusein (كفر لوسين), to the northwest of al-Dana (الدانا), include small but well preserved monastic tower and a moderately well preserved church and villa. Other remains are in a far worse state of preservation, and were probably domestic buildings. The ruins are ...

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Idlib – The Limestone Massif: illicit diggings at Deir Turmanin (480 AD)

Rapport : Abou al-Mothena al-Atarbi Turmanin is a town in northern Syria, administratively part of the Idlib Governorate, located north of Idlib. Nearby localities include al-Dana and Sarmada to the southwest, Darat Izza to the northeast and Atarib to the south. The town is notable for the ruins of an ...

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Idlib – The Limestone Massif: Syrian aircraft drop barrel bombs on the site of Shanshara

  Idlib – The Limestone Massif: Report on the site of Shanshara The village of Shemshara (or Khirbet Hass), located in the Jebel ez-Zawiya region at a distance of 2 km from the village of Rebiaa and 5 km from Kefernebel, is one of many Roman-Byzantine villages marked by its ...

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Idlib – Dead Cities in Northern Syria: destruction of the Byzantine monuments at Babisqa

The Byzantine-era site of Babisqa is spread throughout a modern village on the northeastern edge of Jebel Barisha . The site contains the remains of several villas and churches, some of which are quite well-preserved. One of the most intricately carved stone doorways of the Byzantine ruins in the limestone ...

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