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Palmyra: earthen dykes and installation of heavy weapons in the archaeological site area

The video shows earthen dykes for protection against attacks and tanks, multiple-rockets launchers (or MRL) installed in the Diocletian’s Camp. The example of Palmyra is very worrying, because the regime’s army has dug a road crossing the archaeological area and is shooting rockets from heavy artillery set up near the ...

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Homs: Palmyra in danger

Homs – Palmyra: In the archaeological area, the photograph shows an earthen dyke for protection against atatcks and a multiple-rocket launcher (or MRL) installed near a monument called the White Palace, located near the building of military intelligence in Palmyra. The example of Palmyra is very worrying, because the regime’s ...

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Palmyra: State of the Bel Temple after the bombardment 10.10.2013

Photos: Khaled AL Homsi Palmyra Department of Antiquities inspects damage affecting archaeological area. 17/09/2013 According to information received from the Department of Antiquities of Palmyra, the cadres of the department have managed to access the archaeological area in Palmyra as the clashes stopped and the area regained calm. It has ...

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Palmyra: report on the actual state of archaeological site

News photographs shows that several areas of the site of Palmyra, which are under the control of the army of the Assad’s regime, have been plundered and that monuments have been damaged. For more information, see : Facebook.APSA2011. Palmyra

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