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Hama- the actual state of the Qaser Ibn Wardan

Qaser Ibn Wardan is located on the desert edge about 60 km east of Hama. The site constitutes an extraordinary byzantine rural complex built in 564 AD. , composed by three  free-standing structures, identified as a “palace”, Church and barrack building, which were in very good state of conservation. The ...

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Hama: illicit diggings in the Byzantine tombs located in al-Nasiriyah and other villages

Hama: illicit diggings in the Byzantine tombs located in al-Nasiriyah and other villages حماة : تعرض العديد من المدافن البيزنطية في الناصرية وغيرها من القرى للحفر غير الشرعي Hama: fouilles clandestines dans des tombes byzantins situés à al-Nassiriya et dans d’autres villages

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Hama – Tybet el-Imam: What happened to the mosaic panel of Tell al-Seman !?

Information released by the Tayyibat al-Imam Media Office suggest that rebels of the opposition found a mosaic panel on the hill where the Checkpoint of Tell al-Seman was situated, about 1 km north of Tybet el-Imam.On May 11 2014, the rebels re-took control of the Checkpoint and they built a ...

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Apamea: illicit diggings – The report N° 3. 20/11/2014

The report N° 3 – Le rapport N° 3 : 20/11/2014 The report N° 2 – Le rapport N° 2 : 20/09/2014 التقرير الثاني 20.09.2014 Apamée, victime d’un accord augure entre les usurpateurs de pouvoirs et les pilleurs d’Antiquités Hama : illicit diggings at Apamea أفاميا ضحيّة اتفاق مشؤوم بين ...

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Hama: illicit diggings at Apamea

  Les deux vidéos filmées par M. Thabet Ismael montrent que le site est victime de fouilles clandestines massives confirmées par des fosses que nous pouvons classer en deux catégories : fosses à dimensions et profondeurs superficielles des fosses ayant de grandes profondeurs. La vidéo numéro 2 montre : le ...

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Qala’at el-Mudiq: Report on the citadel 03.06.2014

In 2012, the citadel is bombed during several days by tanks positioned in the archaeological area of the ancient site of Apamea. As soon as the official Syrian army took control of the citadel, it used bulldozers to trace a road on the flanks of the tell on top of ...

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