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Deir ez-Zor: Archaeological Sites

Deir ez-Zor – Abu Kemal: Report on the site of Tell al-Hariri – Mari

1. The footage essentially shows the remains of palaces, yet all of the rest is uncertain and speculative. a. The palace of City II (Ville II), under the roofing, has sustained damage due to rains, and is threatened by erosion, whose effects can be felt even in the covered parts ...

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Deir Ezzor – Tall Schech Hamad: the site of Tall Schech Hamad, once again looted

  Tell Sheikh Hamad (Arabic: تل الشيخ حمد) is an archeological site in western Syria on the lower Khabur River. It is the site of the ancient Assyrian city of Dūr-Katlimmu, which bore the Aramaic name Magdalu after the fall of the Assyrian Empire (7C BCE). The town may have ...

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Deir Ezzor – Tell al-Sen : the site of Tell al-Sen, once again looted

According to a DGAM report, more than 200 pits and deep shafts have been dug in the area of the Byzantine cemetery, north of the city wall of the tell. Plunderers have disturbed and looted the tombs they have discovered during these illegal excavations. Besides, many areas of the site ...

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Doura-Europos : Illegal excavations and plundering 21.04.2013

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