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Deir ez-Zor

Deir ez-Zor – Abu Kemal: Report on the site of Tell al-Hariri – Mari

1. The footage essentially shows the remains of palaces, yet all of the rest is uncertain and speculative. a. The palace of City II (Ville II), under the roofing, has sustained damage due to rains, and is threatened by erosion, whose effects can be felt even in the covered parts ...

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Deir Ez-Zor – The Main St: Damage assessment of the “Tekyyet al-Rawi” mosque and other unknown structures in the region of Deir Ez-Zor

Deir Ez-Zor – The Main St: Damage assessment ( 2013-2015) of the “Tekyyet al-Rawi” mosque (1886), Takayah St دير الزور- الشارع العام : اثار الدمار خلال عامي 2013-2015 في مسجد “تكية الراوي” Deir Ez-Zor – la rue principale : Dommages causés (entre 2013-2015) à la mosquée “Tekyyet al-Rawi” construit en ...

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