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Ar-Raqqah: Museums

Raqqah: The Archaeological Museum is damaged 25.11.2014


The archaeological museum of Raqqa was damaged on 25th of November 2014 by an air strike of the Syrian army. The photos show that the main door and some windows were broken off after the bombing. But the state of the archaeological collections into the museum stills unknown. DGAM report ...

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Heraqla, storehouse of the Raqqah museum: Looting perpetrated by an armed band (source: DGAM of Syria)


هاجم ما يقرب من مئة مسلح مستودعات مبنى هرقلة الأثري، وسطوا على محتوياتها المكونة من مئات القطع الأثرية، وهي عبارة عن فخاريات متنوعة وجصيات وأجزاء من لوحات فسيفسائية وكسر فخارية للدراسة، تمثّل نتائج أعمال التنقيب الأثرية لمواقع مختلفة في محافظة الرقة على مدى سنوات. وكان موظفو دائرة آثار الرقة اتخذوا ...

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Raqqah: Checking-out of 3 boxes previously confiscated by the Liwa (Brigade) al-Eza Lllah


A committee from the Raqqah Museum has checked out the artefacts contained in 3 boxes kept by the Liwa (Brigade) al-Eza Lllah in Tabqah. This control demonstrated that the content of the 3 boxes is entire. The artifacts will be kept by the Liwa (Brigade) al-Eza Lllah. We address our ...

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