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Old Aleppo: Tunnels were exploded and bombings with TNT barrels

1. Two tunnels (five buildings) were exploded by the rebels at al-Qasab gate and the souq of wool product in Jdeideh (26.04.2015). 2. Bombing with TNT barrels in Bab al-Hadid and al-Aryian St in Bab al-Neser (26.04.2015); in al-Heyderia 22.04.2015. 3. Combat in al-Hateb square and Ancient city of Aleppo ...

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Aleppo -Jdeideh: Damage assessment of the Armenian Catholic Church and the Maronite Cathedral of St. Elias 08.04.2015

The Armenian Catholic Church is located in the western section of the historic Jdeideh neighborhood , just northwest of the Maronite Cathedral of Saint Elias and Farhat Square Coordinates: 36°12’26.00″N / 37°09’18.00″E كاتدرائية السيدة مريم أُم المعونات تُعدّ كاتدرائيَّة السيّدة مريم أُمّ المعونات من أجمل كنائس حلب. ويعود أمر بنائها ...

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Aleppo – Bâb Qinnasrin: Damage assessment of the Mankalibughâ/al-Rûmî Mosque (768/1367)

al-Rumi Mosque is located less than two hundred meters to the northeast of Bab Qinnasrin in the old city of Aleppo. al-Rumi Mosque , sometimes referred to as Mankali Bagha Mosque , was constructed in 1367 under Seif al-Din Mankali Bagha al-Shamsi, the Mamluk governor of Aleppo at the time. ...

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