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Aleppo: Archaeological Sites

West countryside of Aleppo: The actual state of the Tell Newaaz

West countryside of Aleppo : the actual state of the Tell Newaaz ريف حلب الغربي : تقرير عن تل نواز الاثري La campagne ouest d’Alep: état des lieux à Tell Newaaz تصوير ابو المثنى الاتاربي

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Aleppo – Aïn al-Arab- Kobane: US airstrike against ISIS militants on hill of Tell Shair 24.10.2014

1. Aïn al-Arab- Kobane: earthen dykes on the summit the Meshta Nour Tal. عين العرب – كوباني : متاريس القناصة على قمة تل مشته نور Aïn al-Arab- Kobané: des digues de terre sur le sommet du Tell Meshta Nour 2. Aïn al-Arab- Kobane: pits excavated in the archaeological site area ...

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Tell Meskene Emar: local heritage protected by the civil society. Report about of the Emar city

History of the city The ancient near eastern town of Emar/Imar was situated on the middle Euphrates in northwest Syria, about 100 km east of Aleppo. Due to its geographical situation connecting Mesopotamia with the Mediterranean coast and with Anatolia, the town had a strategic function. Already the earliest mentionings ...

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