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Al-Hassakah: Archaeological Sites

Hassakah – Jebel ‘Abd el-‘Aziz: Airstrike by the Coalition against ISIS militants on the hill of the medieval castle of Sukkara. 04.11.2014

According to non-confirmed information, the northern part of the fortress remains was damaged in the bombing. Localisation : 36°25’47.64″N 40°25’33.24″E

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Hassakah: Report on the actual state in Tell Beydar

Despite the destruction of information panels, the site of Tell Beydar, controlled by YPG Kurdish forces, has not been submitted to illegal excavations. Due to the lack of yearly maintenance, the architectural restoration of the Upper City suffered from the rainfall and requires urgent consolidation.The excavation house, built in mud ...

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Al-Hasakeh – Tell Ajajah: illegal excavations and intentional destruction of ancient statues

  According to information received from the south of Al-Hasakeh region, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) has arrested looters of antiquities and intentionally destroyed ancient statues dating back to the Assyrian period found during illicit excavations at Tell Ajaja. ©photos Abou Mouseb صور لآثار مستخرجة عبر تنقيب ...

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