Hama- the actual state of the Qaser Ibn Wardan

Qaser Ibn Wardan is located on the desert edge about 60 km east of Hama. The site constitutes an extraordinary byzantine rural complex built in 564 AD. , composed by three  free-standing structures, identified as a “palace”, Church and barrack building, which were in very good state of conservation. The ...

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Hama – Tell Qarqur: removal of archaeological layers by bulldozers.

In recent days, the Turkistan Islamic Party in Syria (TIP), realized massive destructions in Tell Qarqur Tell Qarqur   Tell Qarqur is a large, multi-period mound located in northwest Syria on the Orontes River, 5km south of the modern town of Jisr al-Shurgur. The high mound of the site rises ...

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Deraa: bombing the al-Omari mosque 09/06/2017

Pictures of fire in the #Daraa_al_Balad area, as a result of the bombing of the regime forces helicopters that dropped barrel bombs containing Napalm, and the shelling to ignite the northern parts of the Al-Omari mosque in the city of #Daraa.   صور تظهر اشتعال النيران بالأجزاء الشمالية من المسجد ...

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Aleppo – Bab El-Neyreb: Destruction of the mosque el-Touba by Russian air strikes (Mamluk era) 26/09/2016

The destruction southeast porticoes of the mosque at-Tawba For the bibliography of mosque at-Tauba, see: Gaubet Heinz., 1984, Aleppo, pp. 87, 96, 114, 407 and Fig. 18 (611) حول هذا الجامع تحدث لموقع eAleppo السيد “مسعود حسن” وهو من حي “الشيخ طه” ومن زوار الجامع وذلك بتاريخ 20/1/2012 قائلاً: «تعد مدينة ...

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