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The Washington Post : Ancient Syrian castles serve again as fighting positions

Beirut — A Shiite king ruled northern Syria more than a millennium ago from behind the towering walls of the citadel in the city of Aleppo. In later centuries, Arab armies repelled medieval crusaders from the hilltop fortress, Mongol invaders damaged it and Ottomans used it as a military barracks. ...

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Newspaper Al-Sharq al-Awsar: The Syrian Heritage is the Victim of Regular Bombings, of the Combats and the Greed of the Plunderers

بيروت: ليال أبو رحال لندن: «الشرق الأوسط» لا يوفر القتال الدائر في سوريا منذ أكثر من عامين البشر ولا الحجر. الخسائر في الأرواح، والتداعيات النفسية والاجتماعية، وكلفة الدمار الاقتصادية، ونسبة النازحين والمهجرين في مختلف المحافظات السورية، تبدو كلها أكثر من أن تعد وتحصى.لكن تداعيات الصراع لا تطال هذه الجوانب فقط، ...

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The New York Times: Grave Robbers and War Steal Syria’s History

07.04.2013 By C. J. CHIVERS TELL MARDIKH, Syria — Ali Shibleh crawled through a two-foot-high tunnel until reaching a slightly larger subterranean space. He swung his flashlight’s beam into the dark. A fighter opposed to President Bashar al-Assad, Mr. Shibleh was roaming beneath Ebla, an ancient ruin that for several ...

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Syria’s priceless heritage under attack

Syria’s priceless heritage under attack by Dan Snow Thousands have been killed and millions made homeless in Syria’s civil war, but it has also caused irreparable damage to some of the world’s most precious historical sites. The treasures now being destroyed matter to everyone on the planet, argues historian Dan ...

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