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Syria’s Cultural Heritage: APSA-Report – August 2014

A. Palmyra – Palmyre – تدمر : 1. Heavy weapons positioned near the citadel and along the road (ca 2 km) traced in the archaeological area تدمر : تمركز اليات عسكرية ثقيلة بجانب القلعة وعلى امتداد الطريق – تقريبا 2 كم- الذي تم شقه ضمن المنطقة الأثرية Palymre : armements ...

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Idlib – The Limestone Massif: Syrian aircraft drop barrel bombs on the site of Shanshara

The village of Shemshara (or Khirbet Hass), located in the Jebel ez-Zawiya region at a distance of 2 km from the village of Rebiaa and 5 km from Kefernebel, is one of many Roman-Byzantine villages marked by its numerous ancient constructions still showing elevations as high as the summital corniche ...

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Report on Syrian Museums 2011-2012

État des lieux no 1. Douze musées syriens victimes de vols et de bombardements Appel à la population syrienne: vos musées sont pillés ! Vos richesses culturelles sont menacées de destruction ! Évitons le désastre des musées irakiens ! Introduction Selon l’UNESCO, le musée est « une institution permanente, sans ...

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