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Illegal Excavations

Al-Rikaz Department of ISIS licenses excavation works in exchange for monetary percentage


  RFS Media Office correspondent got an ISIS license that is granted to excavators, and it is issued by what is called al-Rikaz Department which is involved in collecting antiquities and buried money. Young man (M.S.) from the town of al-Sayal, located near the Mari archaeological site in the eastern ...

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Al-Hasakeh – Tell Ajajah: illegal excavations and intentional destruction of ancient statues


  According to information received from the south of Al-Hasakeh region, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) has arrested looters of antiquities and intentionally destroyed ancient statues dating back to the Assyrian period found during illicit excavations at Tell Ajaja. ©photos Abou Mouseb صور لآثار مستخرجة عبر تنقيب ...

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Deir Ezzor – Tall Schech Hamad: the site of Tall Schech Hamad, once again looted


  Tell Sheikh Hamad (Arabic: تل الشيخ حمد) is an archeological site in western Syria on the lower Khabur River. It is the site of the ancient Assyrian city of Dūr-Katlimmu, which bore the Aramaic name Magdalu after the fall of the Assyrian Empire (7C BCE). The town may have ...

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